Top 7 Tractor Brands Sold in the United States

In the United States, a multitude of esteemed tractor brands collectively amass billions of dollars in annual tractor sales. These brands are distinguished by their individual attributes, which they bring to the market, and the accessibility of their dealerships, contingent upon geographical location.

Exploring the landscape of preferred tractor brands for American farmers unveils a dynamic tapestry of choices, each offering its distinct advantages and features tailored to diverse agricultural needs.

1. John Deere

With a remarkable $44 billion in sales during the year 2021, John Deere proudly holds the title of the world’s largest farm machinery manufacturer. In the United States, this brand stands as an emblem of recognition, particularly renowned for its robust and enduring full-size tractors.

Established back in 1837, the company’s headquarters grace the landscape of Moline, Illinois, encompassing a sprawling 1,400-acre domain that includes a captivating pavilion showcasing a rich legacy of tractors spanning over 170 years of history.

John Deere’s portfolio encompasses a diverse array of tractors, designed to cater to the unique needs of a spectrum of farmers, ranging from small-scale hobbyists to large-scale commercial enterprises. The brand’s commitment to sustainability, user-friendly technology, and exceptional customer support remains unwavering. With a storied history of over a century, John Deere stands as a stalwart, instilling farmers with the confidence that its legacy will continue to provide vital parts and support to keep their tractors in peak condition for years to come.

The accolades showered upon John Deere speak volumes about its quality and performance. In 2021, the brand claimed the pinnacle of “Overall Loyalty” across all tractor brands, as per the Progressive Farmer Reader Insights survey involving more than 2,000 farmers. Furthermore, it clinched the top spot for the “Most Durable Full Size Tractor.” Notably, John Deere’s excellence extended beyond borders, as it secured the prestigious title of the “2022 Tractor of the Year” for the 7R 350 AutoPowr, a distinction bestowed by a panel of esteemed European journalists.

John Deere tractor models include:

  • 1 Series (Compact)
  • 5M Series (Utility)
  • 7 Series (Row Crop)
  • 9R 440 (4-Wheel Drive)

2. Kubota

Hailing from Japan, Kubota stands as a distinguished brand celebrated for its exceptional compact tractors that exude high quality and durability. With a prominent presence, it boasts a US headquarters nestled in Grapevine, Texas, and a robust network of over 1,100 authorized dealerships across the expanse of the United States.

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Kubota’s reputation is synonymous with superior engines, and it holds the prestigious distinction of being the globe’s foremost producer of multi-cylinder non-automotive diesel engines under the 100 horsepower mark.

In the year 2021, Kubota’s prowess garnered notable recognition. The brand clinched the pinnacle position in the realm of tractor brands, securing the highest honor for “Overall Durability” and “Overall Customer Experience,” a feat applauded in the Progressive Farmer Reader Insights survey. Additionally, Kubota proudly emerged as the herald of “Most Durable Compact Tractor,” underlining its unwavering commitment to providing enduring solutions.

Kubota tractor models include:

  • BX Series (Sub-Compact)
  • LX Series (Compact)
  • MX Series (Utility)
  • M7 Series, M8 Series (Agriculture)

3. New Holland

Established in Pennsylvania in the year 1895, New Holland embarked on its journey, eventually becoming a part of notable entities such as Ford and later Fiat, now forming an integral component of CNH Global. This brand boasts a diverse lineup of tractors, spanning from compact models to robust 4WD variants.

At its heart lies the US headquarters, nestled in New Holland, Pennsylvania, where a sprawling 700,000 square foot factory serves as the hub of innovation, employing a dedicated workforce of approximately 600 individuals.

Distinguished by its pioneering spirit, New Holland has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of clean energy tractors. A remarkable milestone in this journey was the unveiling of the world’s inaugural 100% methane-powered tractor, ingeniously fueled by biomethane sourced from farm biodigesters. This revolutionary endeavor has earned New Holland acclaim, earning the coveted title of the “2022 Sustainable Tractor of the Year” for its New Holland T6 Methane Power. This accolade was bestowed upon the brand by a discerning panel of European agricultural journalists, further cementing New Holland’s dedication to sustainable agricultural practices.

New Holland tractor models include:

  • T5 Series
  • T6 Series
  • T7 Series
  • T9 Series

4. Case IH

Rooted in its origins traced back to 1842 in Racine, Wisconsin, Case IH has evolved into a prominent force in the tractor manufacturing landscape, with an unwavering focus on harnessing power and optimizing fuel efficiency. This brand has garnered acclaim as a pioneer in precision farming technology, a distinction it has held since 1995 with the introduction of its inaugural Advanced Farming System (AFS). This groundbreaking system empowers operators to wield precise control over their equipment, culminating in enhanced accuracy and reduced operational costs.

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Within its portfolio, Case IH presents a diverse spectrum of tractors, ranging from compact models to high horsepower variants, catering to a wide array of agricultural needs. This brand became an integral facet of the global CNH Industrial company in 1999, marking a pivotal juncture in its journey as it merged with New Holland Agriculture.

Case IH’s accolades extend beyond borders, as underscored by its noteworthy achievement of clinching the coveted “Most Influential Brand” award at the esteemed 2018 China International Agriculture Machinery Exhibition. This triumph positioned Case IH as a standout amidst 23 other distinguished agriculture brands, a testament to its enduring impact and recognition on the global stage.

Case IH tractor models include:

  • Maxxum series
  • Magnum
  • Puma Series
  • Steiger Series

5. Massey Ferguson

Introduced to the agricultural landscape in 1957, Massey Ferguson emerges as an emblematic American tractor brand, distinguished by its iconic Triple Triangle logo, an emblem that has etched its mark in the farming industry as an emblem of recognition and resonance.

Within the realm of tractor sales, Massey Ferguson has secured a global leadership position, boasting a comprehensive range of models that span from sub-compact designs to high-horsepower variants. Notably, their formidable 8700 series takes the spotlight for its fusion of efficiency and lightweight construction, outshining its counterparts in class by up to an impressive 4-ton margin.

The year 2022 saw Massey Ferguson’s unwavering commitment to innovation and engineering excellence garner due recognition from the esteemed American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. The distinguished accolade was bestowed upon the Massey Ferguson 8S model, exemplifying the brand’s ceaseless dedication to pushing the boundaries of advancement.

Massey Ferguson’s overarching aspiration remains steadfast: to cultivate an environment wherein the toil of farmers is rendered easier and more profitable, aligning seamlessly with their profound commitment to enhancing agricultural operations and fostering prosperity within the farming community.

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Massey Ferguson tractor models include:

  • MF 2800 E
  • MF 4700
  • MF 6700
  • MF 8700 S

6. Mahindra

Hailing from India, Mahindra stands as a formidable corporation that commands the global tractor market, boasting an impressive annual production of around 300,000 tractors. With a significant presence on the American soil, Mahindra employs a substantial workforce across the United States, distributed across 10 assembly centers and an extensive network of 790 dealerships.

Mahindra’s distinct tractor lineup predominantly comprises smaller sub-compact and compact models, frequently sought after by small-scale farming enterprises. While their largest offering in the 9000 series reaches up to 120 horsepower, which might appear modest in comparison to certain competitors, Mahindra places paramount emphasis on the steadfast reliability and robust durability of their tractors. This commitment to quality craftsmanship has earned them esteemed accolades such as the prestigious Japan Quality Medal.

Despite Mahindra’s commendable market presence, it’s noteworthy that their dealership network in the United States is more condensed compared to counterparts like John Deere, with 790 dealer locations. This potentially translates into greater distances to access service and repairs, a factor worth considering when opting for their tractors.

Mahindra tractor models include:

  • 4540
  • 6075
  • 8100
  • 9125

7. Fendt

Founded 80 years ago, Fendt stands as a venerable German company that achieved a groundbreaking feat in 1995 by introducing the first-ever continuously variable drive tractor. This innovation led to the creation of the Fendt Vario tractors with a continuously variable transmission, a product line that has garnered remarkable success, with over 250,000 units sold since its inception. While Fendt primarily caters to European nations, particularly Germany where more than 30% of its sales are concentrated, its footprint in the United States is growing steadily. With dealership representation in most states, Fendt had established a noteworthy presence in the U.S., boasting a total of 189 dealerships as of 2019.

Notably, Fendt’s accomplishments have been recognized on the global stage. In 2020, the company secured the esteemed European accolade for the Tractor of the Year, a prestigious honor bestowed upon their 400 horsepower 942 Vario model.

Fendt tractor models include:

  • 314 Vario
  • 516 Vario
  • 724 Vario
  • 942 Vario