Jeep Cherokee Maintenance Shifter Light | What Could It Mean?

A Jeep Cherokee repair shifter light turning on might be the consequence of faulty equipment or a malfunctioning shifter.

When this light turns on, the Jeep Cherokee is telling you it’s time to take your vehicle to a technician.

Of course, it’s certainly the smartest decision, but you could end up sitting on the curb wondering whether you can drive home after that service shifter light is illuminated. Continue reading and I’ll offer you some ideas on things to check…

What Does The Maintenance Shifter Light Indicate In A Jeep Cherokee?

A service shifter warning light denotes that your car shifter needs to be maintained by a professional. Normally, this implies that the contacts need to be changed, the vehicle’s software has to be revised or it must replace the shifter.

When confronted with a maintenance shifter indicator light, you may be afraid to drive your car and may ponder what to do next.

A service shifter light is normally an indicator of a simple repair at the shop, but, if you’re the owner of a 2014-2015 Jeep Cherokee KL, the issue might be exceedingly hazardous.

A 2014-2015 Jeep Cherokee KL ought not to be driven if it has not done the adjustments from the recall.

What Does A Maintenance Shifter Light Indicate In A Jeep Cherokee?

If you are traveling in a Jeep Cherokee and a notice pops up that reads, “Service Shifter,” it is generally a good idea to book an appointment with a repair. This indication is a warning light that shows that there is an issue with your shifter.

Generally, this notice signifies that your shifter needs to be repaired. Some have discovered that the transistors of the shifter require being changed, while others cure the issue by changing the complete shifter or just upgrading the software.

Normally, a service shifter sign is more of an annoyance than a crisis and will necessitate driving your car to a repair, maybe numerous times.

There is no definitive explanation to what the shifter signal means, though, since it might be various things.

Some experts have never even heard of it therefore identifying the issue might be difficult. It also seems that for many, this is a continuing issue with no remedy, only irritation.

It is preferable to take your car to a technician who can assess the issue and, hopefully, give a remedy.

Some may consider this issue a malfunctioning system, thus it may be handled under warranty. However, other dealerships and technicians do not consider this situation to be covered under warranty, therefore you may have to cover the cost of repairs out of your pocket.

What Will The Technician Do To Repair The Service Shifter Light?

Whenever you bring a Jeep Cherokee into a technician for them to repair the shifter, they will try a few different things.

They will use software to scan your vehicle’s system for any alerts or hints of malfunctioning technology.

The technician may repair the wiring of the gearshift.

They may repair the shifter altogether, particularly if it is being fixed under warranty.

Can I Drive The Jeep Cherokee With the Maintenance Shifter light On?

You may be sitting by the curb right now, wondering whether it’s secure to get in your car.

The maintenance shifter warning may have occurred while driving, therefore you are probably thinking of contacting a tow-truck. However, is it worth the money, or can you simply take the Jeep home?

For the overwhelming part, it is secure to operate the Jeep Cherokee with the maintenance shifter light on.

This issue generally signals broken wiring or a need for a system update, but it is normally safe to drive your car with the service gear shift indicator on if there are no other indications.

The warning alone is not a reason for a tow, however you should get it to a mechanic as quickly as possible and avoid going out of town until it is fixed.

Can I Repair The Maintenance Shifter Light At Home?

To fix your Jeep Cherokee once the service shifter warning has turned on, you will likely be required to bring it to a qualified technician.

This is not a fast repair, and there will probably be components that will need to be purchased. You may take your car to a repair shop and examine the computer using an On-Board Debugging, or OBD, to determine if anything shows up.

This repair is a little difficult and may take numerous efforts to correct it. It is advisable to take your automobile to a mechanic, however it is better to take it to a showroom who would know more about the car.

If you are utilizing the insurance for the repairs, you will need to travel to a showroom for diagnostics and repairs.

How To Turn Off The Maintenance Shifter Light

You may have now brought your car to a technician, and they could have discovered nothing wrong. The light might still be on for apparently no reason.

Others decide to merely turn the alert off once they realize there is not an issue. Turning the maintenance shifter light off may be done by unplugging the charger for at least 10 minutes and then putting it back in.

  • Replacing the oil, which may turn the maintenance shifter warning off.
  • Switch off the car and restart.
  • The warning may vanish after these procedures are done.

Is There A Warning For The Shifter In The Jeep Cherokee KL?

Although there is not a warning for the maintenance shifter warning, there is a recall for a distinct problem in the 2014 Jeep Cherokee that is exceedingly hazardous and should be addressed before it is driven again. There have been numerous accidents and even fatalities as a consequence of a malfunctioning Jeep Cherokee.

The issue applies to the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, and the concern is the car may shift while driving. Some cars shift into reverse or shift gears while driving.

There are a few grievances about the car not moving into Park when switched off, which may be hazardous. You should not operate your 2014 Jeep Cherokee until this adjustment is done since the repercussions may be fatal.

This repair often involves servicing of the transmission since although the shifter looks to be the problem, it is the gearbox that is changing on its own. This will take some time to correct but it should be provided at no cost.

My Maintenance Shifter Light Is On… So, What Should I Do Now?

As we noted, if your automobile has a maintenance shifter indicator light and is a 2014-2015 Jeep Cherokee which was not fixed from the issue, it should be towed to the closest dealership to replace the problematic components.

This recall is incredibly essential and may be dangerous if not taken carefully.

If your vehicle is not part of the recall, it is generally safe to drive back, but it should be arranged to be serviced as soon as possible.

If your car has been repaired but the indicator is still on, it will be legal to drive however you should continue to explore the cause. This problem is specific to Jeep Cherokee’s thus it’s definitely a good idea to simply take it to a professional dealership technician who is experienced with this issue.

Some folks have this alert being on for what appeared like no reason.

The car may be fixed and maintained, yet the light may stay on. Although this is a prevalent issue with Jeep Cherokees, it is not part of a return or a huge effort of repair.

A shifter maintenance warning light turning up may signal a problem. Yet, the alert is known to come up despite the fact that there is nothing wrong.