How much do tires fitting and leveling cost at Walmart?

Walmart is renowned for being a one-stop shop. The perfect one-stop store for anything from sofas to teacups. The sector for automotive products and services is one of its numerous divisions. As you shop for other necessities of life, you may buy tires and have them installed and balanced at your neighborhood Walmart Auto Care Center. The starting price for a tire is $15.

It’s important to monitor tire wear if you want to keep your car in top shape. Typically, tires last about 50,000 kilometers. Walmart can offer you new tires and install them on-site, whether you need to replace some, all, or none of your tires.

You can find out the price breakdown for Walmart’s tire fitting and balancing service by continuing to read.

Service for mounting and balancing tires

What supplies and services are included in the installation and balancing of tires at Walmart? You’ll be pleasantly pleased to learn that getting your tires serviced at Walmart has a number of advantages.

Basic Tire Installation Kit from Walmart

Walmart Auto Repair Center will attach, insert, and balance your tires for $15 each. Moreover, they will service the valve stems and TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system). The fundamental bundle from Walmart contains its lifelong balance and rotation. For the duration of the tire’s life, you may bring your car in for rotation and leveling every 7,500 miles. After 50 miles, you may also have your lug nuts retorqued.

Value Tire Installation Kit from Walmart

For an extra $10 per tire (a total of $25 per tire), you may add Walmart’s Road Hazard Protection Guarantee to your installation package. They will fix flats and damage caused by unforeseen road hazards. Within 25% of tread wear, non-repairable tires are eligible for replacement.

For tires bought from Walmart, both the basic and value packages are applicable. For the installation package on carry-in tires, there is an extra fee of $10 per tire.

The Walmart Auto Care Center offers extras

You may tack on a variety of services to the tires you buy from them directly or bring them in yourself to your local Walmart Auto Care Center.

Lifelong Rotation and Balance

The previously stated service, “Lifetime Balance and Rotation,” is included in the Basic and Value versions. For every 7,500 miles the tire is used, they will rotate and balance your tires. At $14 per tire, you may get this coverage for any tire.

Repair of Flat

Flats will be repaired without charge as part of the Walmart Road Hazard Protection Guarantee. Repairing a flat tire typically costs $15 per tire. Remember that this only applies to tires without tubes. Instead of keeping air within an internal tube, a tubeless tire maintains pressure between the tire and rim.


The rubber tire is mounted when it is placed on the wheel. Walmart charges $15 for speciality tires and $10 for carry-in tires. The mounting service is the only one offered.

Rotate the tires

For $2.50 per tire, Walmart Auto Care Center will rotate tires that are not covered by their Lifetime Balance and Rotation Plan.

Replaced lug nuts

After 50 miles, you may bring your car in for the Basic or Value Tire Installation packages to have the lug nuts tightened again. For $2 apiece, Walmart will replace lug nuts.

Why Change Your Tires?

We are aware that buying tires is one of the less thrilling and glamorous tasks we must do. Over time, routine car maintenance saves you money, and maintaining your tires also improves safety.


When you travel, your tires cling to the pavement. The friction between the tire and the road that keeps the automobile moving straight is lost when the tread wears down too much. Your control and handling are compromised when you drive on worn-out tires, which may cause accidents.

Cost Advantages

Driving on decent tires will ultimately cost you less money. Your car’s other parts will deteriorate and require more gasoline if your tires are worn out.

With bald tires, the automobile needs to exert more effort to travel along the road. The engine and other automotive components deteriorate more rapidly as they are used more. While the automobile works harder, you also use more fuel.

How to Assess the Requirement for New Tires

Even high-end tires ultimately degrade. How can you know when new tires are needed? These are three indicators that it’s time to get new tires.

Wear on Uneven Treads

Uneven tread wear on your tires is a sign that the wheels are not balanced or aligned correctly. The tires wear more rapidly on one side because the weight of the vehicle is not distributed equally across them.

Expired Treads

Tire tread depth is measured in 32nds of an inch in the USA. The tread depth on brand-new tires is 10/32″ or 11/32.” When they are fresh, certain truck tires and winter tires may have deeper treads.

When your tires have 2/32″ of tread remaining, the Department of Transportation advises that you replace them. Several states have laws requiring it.

Shifts in emotion

Most people can detect odd behavior while driving. While you’re driving, you grow accustomed to how your automobile feels. You may learn more about the condition of your tires by paying attention to those minute variations.

If your steering wheel starts to vibrate, your tires may be so worn out that you require new ones. The same might be said if your automobile is running more vigorously than normal. If you hear a clicking sound, one of your tires may have a stone or nail embedded in the tread.

Methods for Measuring Tread Depth

We’ll explain how to monitor your tread wear now that we’ve persuaded you to do so.

Test for Pennies

The penny test is an informal approach to gauging the depth of your tires’ tread. A penny should be held with Abe Lincoln’s head pointing down. Place the penny within the tire’s groove. Your tread is less than 2/32 if you can see his whole head.

Tread Depth Indicator

You may wish to measure your tread with greater accuracy. Who can blame you when you consider the safety risks and financial advantages of having decent tires?

A tire depth gauge is affordable and easy to use. One may be purchased at a reasonable price when you are at Walmart. The digital readout will show the depth of the tire after inserting the probe into the tread.

Bars that indicate tread wear

Certain tires will notify you when they need replacement. Indicator bars are often included with high-performance, light vehicle, and medium commercial tires. The indication bars are 2/32 embedded in the tread by the makers. Replace the tires when the tread is even with the indications.

Final Reflections

It’s handy to address numerous maintenance issues at once by bringing your automobile to your neighborhood Walmart Auto Care Center for tire mounting and balancing. Walmart excels at providing a one-stop shop experience and does it well in the vehicle maintenance industry.